artist-brand collaborations. master of ceremonies. artist management maven. creative strategist. behind-the-scenes logistics expert. ridiculous chef. professional maker. 

Jade has worked with some of the top musicians, labels + brands around the world managing day-to-day + bespoke immersive events, both. She speaks artist + is the perfect liaison between creatives, labels, brands, managers + anyone else you want to bring into your big idea. She's also funny as hell + can be talked into ice cream + adventure any time of the day. She can make you a universe + a killer pie, both from scratch.
Sydney >> London >> Los Angeles



brand partnerships. Ideas woman. bridge-builder. WRITER/musician/producer. art director. Faerie godmother + reality-maker of THE wildest dreams you didn't EVEN know you had. 

Laura is a big-dreamer who specializes in bringing people together to get things done/make friends doing it. She's toured the world as a musician, given a TED talk about modern revolutionary women + helped found Omaha Girls Rock. She loves connecting big ideas + new people in real ways, cares a lot about legacy ("What do you want to leave behind?") + will gladly read your tarot over tea.
DC/NY >> Omaha >> Los Angeles