We're Secret Handshake, a women-owned + run creative strategy team based in East LA. We facilitate authentic brand partnerships + artist-brand collaborations, specializing in bespoke events, unique campaigns and immersive experiences. If you want to add a new dimension to an album/book/film launch, a tour, or need help dreaming up ways to connect your music, art or brand to a wider audience in a whole new + meaningful way, we'll make it happen. Just like that. 

WHAT we do

We want to help you connect more: people to people, ideas to reality. We like the internet okay + are happy to tap into all its powers. But what really excites us is drawing people together in physical spaces where we can get to know each other better. For real.   

+ Artist-Brand CollaborationS
+ creative campaign strategy
+ immersive experience production
+ bespoke happenings
+ special project support + management
+ Day-to-Day Artist Management