this is how we do it

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+ Artist-Brand CollaborationS
+ creative campaign strategy
+ immersive experience production
+ bespoke happenings
+ special project support + management
+ Day-to-Day Artist Management


STEP 1: MEET up / listen up

We listen to your needs and tailor our process + services to best support you. We can dream up, manage and realize a wild idea or integrate into your process and team to support an existing project. Our goal is for everyone to be happy with the process + in the process, and have fun doing it.

STEP 2: dream big

We help you dream up things nobody has done before, or grow your idea to something bigger + better than you ever could have imagined.  We build immersive universes that can expand a song into a new dimension, let fans to walk into a record, step fully into an artist's world. How big (or intimate) do you want to go? It's your call. 

STEP 3: make magic

We connect creatives to realize dreams, reaching out to our cadre of experts we know in LA and cities around the world when big jobs call for it. We make sure the front-facing things flash + feel good, while seamlessly managing the behind-the-scenes stuff no one needs to know about like crowd control, ticketing, metrics, social media marketing, etc. All the while, we'll keep everyone involved—brands, labels, artists, managers, you name it—on the same page. We're happy to be the glue that holds the whole team together. 

STEP 4: make friends / stay friends

We make meaningful connections that last: between us + our clients, between partnering brands, between artists + their fans, and between strangers who meet at your bespoke happening. We aim to foster friendships that keep growing far into the future. We believe it's important to work towards stronger community through art + all kinds of creative endeavors. Let's make friends. Together.