That's our whole philosophy: CONNECT MORE. We spend so much time behind our screens that we can forget what our friends look like in person. There are too many divides; let's bridge them. There are some really cool ways the internet can bring people together; let's use them. In real life.

We want to help you get your creative voice heard in authentic ways by more people -- people who will want to keep listening and having dialogue with you for years to come -- because we know how hard it is to make art and sing out or speak up in the first place. We say that as artists + musicians ourselves, and as creatives who've also built our careers working closely with + supporting other artists. 

Artist-brand alliances work best when both parties feel free to be fully themselves. Brand partnerships succeed when everyone at the table is equally stoked to try something new, together. Yes, selling more records, tickets, books, products, and increasing everyone's bottom line is a great thing. But greater yet is when you can do all that and bring people together in meaningful ways, reminding us why we're really here to begin with.